Alternatives For Natural Growth Of Hair

Hair loss has been one of the biggest problems of this generation. It has not left anyone of any age. Therefore for this reason technological inventions have been made to plan out some treatments to control the hair loss among humans. Hairs don’t grow back to its normal state after they fall once.

During the older times, there wasn’t any treatment to prevent hair loss or to control hair fall. It was not very common too. People were unaware of the treatment. The only option that people had at that time was to wear a toupee. The toupee size used to depend upon the amount of fall of hair and thus more is the hair fall, bigger is the size of the toupee and vice versa. If the hair fall is of pattern that they keep falling regularly in those case people used to wear wigs which were also not that appropriate but still wigs can cover the whole of head and baldness can be concealed. Toupee used to come in different shapes and sizes and if a normal one does not satisfy the need of an individual then they may go for an expensive one which looks good and suite the person wearing it. Expensive toupees are made up of hairs which are artificial but they look like original ones. In the current market scenario an expensive toupee will come for around $ 800 and a cheap one will cost around $ 150. The hairs used to make these toupees are not that good and wear out very quickly. They don’t look good either and can embarrass a person in a gathering therefore it is always good to go for a good toupee which is made up of quality hairs or hang out with a bald head.

Toupee does not last for long as they were very expensive and not so natural therefore people experimented and invented treatments for loss of hair. This became very popular and helped many people in securing their hairs again. One of the popular methods is the bio matrix where natural hairs are embedded with artificial ones which enable the growth of hairs just like the natural way. The hairs are fixed or embedded to the places where there is baldness. This results in growth of hair in those areas. The method has gain great popularity and acceptability in almost every country because it does not involve any surgical activity.

Another method for the treatment of loss of hair is microscopic follicular. Hair transplant is done through this method. Initially it is seen that where the hair grow in natural way and in the right order without any problem. Follicles in those areas are observed and many follicles which have two or less than that number of hairs are identified. There are many other hairs too which are attached to the follicle but cannot be viewed with naked eyes. Therefore in this treatment after identifying the areas where the density is low hairs are embedded to such areas where they are completely invisible through eyes.

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