Health Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm

It is particularly cold in this year’s winter and it is even said that it will be the coldest winter in the history. However, there are still a lot of young ladies who do sacrifice their warmth to fashion. For example, many people will ignore the significance of keep their feet warm on cold days. In fact, it is very important and without keeping your feet warm, some serious problems will occur, especially for the women.

Human’s feet are generally considered to be the second heart for human beings. According to theories of modern medicine, it has found that a lot of nerve endings in human’s feet are closely connected with human brain and they also participate in many activities of the brain. Since the feet is far away from the human heart, the blood circulation in the feet is relatively poor, plus the fact that there is less fat in the feet, it is easy for the feet to become cold in winter. As a result, if the feet are not kept warm, the capillaries are easy to get crunch, which will weakening the blood return to the heart and consequently lead to poor blood circulation. Thus, it is easy fro people to feel terrible. In addition, if the feet are not kept warm, the capillaries in the nasal cavity and trachea will also crunch, which will reduce people’s resistance capacity. Viruses will be easy to get into the human body to get people to suffer from cold as well as other illnesses.
Problems are usually serious in terms of women if they fail to keep their feet warm. In medicine, the feet and legs are very important to strike a balance between ying and yang. In cold days, the feet are most closed to the earth, so the temperature of the feet will decrease faster than other parts of the human body. Once the feet get too cold, edema, itching, pain and other symptoms will occur. Moreover, the internal organs will also be influenced by the temperature of the feet. As a result, it is very important for you girls to keep your feet warm in cold days.
Since it is so important to keep your feet warm, here are some health tips that you will be beneficial to: Firstly, wash your feet with hot water before you go to bed in order to promote the blood circulation, which can also effectively protect yourself from suffering from cold; secondly, if you love wearing boots in the cold days, it is strongly recommended that you should pick out the snow boots of high quality such as the snow boots that are made of genuine sheep skin. The snow boots of high quality will help you keep your feet warm, and make you look fashionable in winter; thirdly, regularly massage your feet in order to accelerate the blood circulation; fourthly, in addition to keep warm in your clothes, it is also very important to insure good ventilation of your shoes and socks. Change them often.

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